Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yap has many varieties of cooking from American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese,philippine, mexican, and chamorro. Casual clothing although swimwear is not permitted in public places. Yapaneese their economy provides an abundance of food. Their main occupation are gardening harvesting and fishing. The popular food grown are taro, yams sweet patatoes, bananas, bread frit, papaya, oranges, coconuts, and pineapple. They also raise chickens and pigs which are usally eaten at feasts. Excellent fishermen and have a healthy diets. Common garments of clothing include grass skirts for women and thu'us worn by men which is a type of loin cloth. The most important dish is rice which is served with most meals.

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  1. I find it intresting that the Yappese have a "healthy diet", I wonder if it is because of their traditions of gardening, harvesting and fishing? Do you know if they grow rice in Micronesia or if they import it? I wonder if they had rice before they were introduced to Japanese culture? Great job!